The Best Free Coding Online Platforms

If you want to begin coding and web development, it is good to start practicing using free coding resources online. Making use of these resources, you may quickly know what you like before paying for a specific coding language course. When you have enough free coding tutorials, you will be in a position to know which direction to channel your coding passion. This article gives you details of some of the best online sites which provide learners with free coding lessons that range from simple coding to full courses on how to code. If you want to learn how to code, you should try them.


This is an online free coding site where the majority of beginners get to start learning to code. Codecademy has developed a well–deserved reputation due to its interactive learning nature. It incorporates little reading, typing your code, and seeing the results immediately. HTML and ACC, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript are among the free coding languages they offer.


FreeCodeCamp is a perfect free online coding school for those who want to study to code. Through incorporating practicals as well as hands-on experience, the learners’ resume can look impressive. Learners get free coding certification offered through the established curriculum. Such coding certifications offered include QA testing, HTML, data visualization, CSS, jQuery, and QA testing, among others.


With its professional and versatile course options, Coursera provides the best platform to learn to code for free. Coursera offers far beyond your basic coding and computer science topics. It is a large online course library with classes taught by university professors. There is an option to pay for a verified certificate to prove the course completion. Paying for certificates also grants you access to information limited in the free version. Besides, they offer specialization that is a collection of courses on a particular topic, with a two-semester project at the end.


EdX is a Harvard MIT governed open-source higher education program. It is a high-level resource where learners can learn to code for free online. EdX provides one hundred and seven courses teaching on different coding languages. Free courses they offer include Python, Java, C#, and others.


Codewars offers an interesting and exceptional way of learning to code. Using a martial-arts theme, the Codewars program is grounded on challenges called kata. When you complete them, you earn respect and proceed to a higher rank. This gives an enjoyable way to learn to program online if a little gamification inspires you. Some of the coding challenges offered include Coffee Script, Python, and Haskell, among others.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a lot of subjects for computer programming. They also offer some courses for kids as well. This means that everyone can learn to code for free. The coding languages they offer include SQL, CSS, JS, and many more.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT is one of the most competitive sites, but getting into their course materials online neither requires tuition nor a particular SAT score. Just browse for the course from the many they offer and start reviewing the materials. They have an online library of every module they teach and accounts that have no requirements at all required for access. MIT, therefore, makes it possible for you to learn to program for free.


W3Schools is the world’s largest web developer site. It is a perfect site for beginners providing free coding lessons and referencing materials for web programming. Through it, you can as well assess your skills with questions and complete coding using their online editor. Free coding tutorials available include JavaScript, SQL, jQuery, CSS, and HTML, among others.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Their learning pathways are carefully selected free coding courses designed to help people build essential skills through assessments, demos, video tutorials, and more. You also get access to free e-books and helpful downloads in coding. The learning paths are SQL, MEAN stack, Azure, ASP.NET, and free HTML.


When you consider starting learning to code for free, these nine free coding websites can assist you in building your passion for coding.