Reasons Why the Cost of Hiring Programmers Will Remain High

With the widespread popularity and increase in computer programming courses, one would think that there will be a time when everyone would be able to program. However, if though this is a possibility, it is not bound to happen any time soon. Many people do not have any interest in ever becoming programmers. People who do not enjoy programming spend their time doing other things they like. Therefore, since not all people would fit in the same field, there is no time everyone would be able to program.

The cost of hiring programmers is indeed high compared to most of the other professionals. However, although this cost might reduce due to advancement in skills and the increase of the tech-savvy generation, it is likely to remain higher than the other fields. This article outlines the reasons why programming will remain one of the highest valuable skills to acquire for companies.

Technology Will Continue to Evolve

In a few years, the technology which is being used today will no longer be appropriate. There will have emerged new technologies, systems, and software with different capabilities and requiring different skills and levels of expertise. Therefore, some of those new technologies will require a high level of knowledge, which is likely to be expensive to acquire.

Programming is Not Just About Writing Codes

There is more to programming than just writing the codes. Therefore, not all coders are programmers. Serious programming involves instructing machines to complete specific tasks. Accordingly, not everyone who codes can program.

Intuitive and Powerful Programming Tools

New advanced, intuitive, and powerful programming tools are being released almost every month. These tools require learning and good skills to use them because they are more complex.

Specificity of the Programming Tool

In programming, there is no one fit for all. There are different programming tools and expertise in various industries. Therefore, sector-specific tools and programmers might be hard to get in the future.

Market Requirement

In this generation, businesses demand advanced programming skills for their specific needs. This is likely to continue, and not many people will have the advanced level of skills that businesses will require. This will lead to a shortage in supply of skilled programmers hence the high cost of hiring one.

Decline of Demand for Basic Coding Skills

Demand for basic coding skills is likely to reduce as people and businesses go for more advanced programming skills. This is because business needs will keep on changing, and the adaption of smart technologies is likely to be widespread. These advanced programming skills come at a higher cost.

Less Experienced Programmers to Match the Demand

Although the number of experienced programmers is likely to increase, the demand is expected to be higher. Therefore, there will be fewer experienced programmers to satisfy the market demand; hence, getting them will be costly.

Emergence of Machine Learning

Programmers will need to understand machine learning to execute their tasks properly. Not everyone will want to have these diverse skills, which will be essential in the future. People with such skills will come with high price tags.

There are Still Problems Which Computers Can’t Solve

Not all problems can be used using computers. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are needed to solve some problems. Not all programmers have such skills; hence, those with them will attract high salaries.

Not Everyone Likes Programming

As much as the current and the coming generations are likely to be more tech-savvy, not everyone has an interest in computers. People have different interests in the many different industries which exist. Therefore, the number of programmers may not increase, as previously thought.

Culture Shift

Programming is becoming relevant in all businesses and other aspects of everyday life. Because of this, the demand for programmers is increasing. Using simple economics, if demand increases, prices increase as well.


The above factors show that although we expect more tech-savvy generations, the cost of hiring a programmer is likely to increase in the future. Therefore, for those who would want to excel in this field, they should try it because it is still promising.