How Long Does It Take to Learn Programming?

If you want to learn to programme or you have already started, and you are wondering how long it will take, you are not alone. This is the question most people have when they begin their journey of becoming fluent in the programming languages of their choice. The time it takes to learn programming varies from person to person. People have diverse backgrounds; hence they learn at different paces. Learning at different speeds is not necessarily a bad thing because it allows people to learn from each other.

Many factors determine how long it takes to learn to programme. Some people have resources that help them learn faster. Also, the amount of time and dedication you have on learning determines the time you take in your programming journey. In this article, we will give you an idea of how long it takes to learn programming and a few tips on how to learn it faster.


One of the popular ways of learning programming is self-teaching. This is because it is usually cheap and flexible. With many online courses, apps, books, and websites, it is easy for people to learn to code by themselves. There are tons of learning resources for almost all programming languages, such as Java and JavaScript.

One disadvantage of self-learning programming is that it needs a lot of discipline. Learning programming is a process, and you need to stick to it. You won’t make much progress if you are not disciplined. Also, it will take you much longer since you won’t have a structured approach or other resources that you will find in coding boot camps or computer science classes.

It isn’t straightforward to tell how long it takes to learn programming through self-teaching. People will take different times. However, it will take anywhere between six and 12 months to learn the necessary coding for several programming languages.

College Computer Science Degree

It is a bit easier to tell the time it takes to learn programming through a college degree rather than self-teaching. In most cases, computer science degree programs take at least four years. This is one of the most effective ways of learning to code since it is very structured.

Learning programming through a college degree takes time. Because of this, it is unpopular with those who want to change their careers. Not many people would want to leave their jobs for four years to learn a new skill. Plus, it is also very costly, and not many people would want to take loans to finance it.

Coding Boot Camps

Coding boot camps are another cheap and less time-consuming way of learning how to program. They are intensive short-term programs that teach the basic coding skills that you need for your programming career. Coding boot camps have courses ranging from three to six months.

The popularity of the coding boot camps is driven by the time it takes to learn coding and the availability of resources such as projects, instructors, and other learning materials. Also, coding boot camps offer tools that help you learn to code faster, mentors, and job placements in the tech industry.

Ways to Learn Coding Fast

Demand for programmers is high, and if you are good enough, you will land a job in a tech company faster. The best way to learn to programme faster is through coding boot camps. Boot camps offer intensive courses that help in mastering multiple languages in less than a year. There are also online and part-time coding boot camps that offer flexible programs.


Good programmers are constant learners. For you to become a pro in programming, you need to learn throughout your career. Even if you are done with your degree or coding boot camp, you need to keep learning new skills and programming languages to become a good programmer.

Therefore, if you want to be a good programmer, you need to be ready to learn all the time. New programming languages always take time to learn, but the time gets shorter as you continue learning. With this information, you can make an informed decision on which program you would want to go for.